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Controller using CPLD Oscilloscope display, MOSFET gate drive versus current sense Toroidal DM Inductor Electromagnetic FEA

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Breeze-Eastern Corporation
  • Designed the Airbus A400M parachute retrieval winch system capable of lifting 2200 lb. at 250 feet per minute operating from three phase variable frequency AC.
  • Prepared the FMEA for the Airbus A400M parachute retrieval winch system.
  • Designed the electronic controller for HLU-196 Electric Bomb Hoist NSN 1730-01-447-4628 and the associated AC Adapter: Navair PN 3590AS108-1. The AC adapter is a 1500W power factor corrected isolated 150 VDC output power supply.
  • Form Fit and Function, LLC
  • Designed the electronics for the Mark I steering damper. The Mark I utilizes magnetorheological technology to modify motorcycle steering characteristics for increase operating safety. It is the culmination of a commercialization effort that started with the development of the side lateral engine mount for the E-2C Navy surveillance aircraft.
  • Designed the electronics for the side lateral engine mount for an E-2C Navy surveillance aircraft. The E-2C side lateral engine mount was SBIR funded.
  • Proposal writing for the A/E32K-11 Munitions Lifting Assembly, the A/M32U-21 Maintenance Trailer and the A/M32K-10 Munitions Trailer proposals.
  • Analysis and selection of the brushless DC motor and controller for the Portable Milling Tool.
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Designed the Motor Drive/Low Voltage Power Supply printed wiring board assembly for the next generation Sikorsky Blackhawk stabilator.
  • Designed the Low Voltage Power Supply printed wiring board assembly for the updated tactical missile system (TACMS2K) fin actuation system.
  • Designed the present and next generation electronic controller for the Ultra Electronics high-pressure air generator (HiPPAG 320) for NAVAIR (LAU-7 launcher) and EFA applications.
  • Banker Coté, LLC
  • Circuit analysis and writing of trouble shooting guidelines for the IPEG Corporation Locate Test Set.
  • Precision Electronics, Inc.
  • Design of a power transformer, in accordance with MIL-STD-27, with a 440V 60Hz primary and a 29V 1A secondary.
  • Wayne Transformer
  • Design of an 8 kVA 208V 60Hz three-phase primary power transformer with 265V three-phase extended wye, 19.5V three-phase isolated and 220V single-phase isolated secondaries.
  • US Army TACOM LCMC Warren
  • Researched the feasibility of implementing a regenerative suspension system in the HMMWV.
  • BHTechnology LLC

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    Morris Magneto

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